In Memory of...

Former dogs we've had in the family:

Najanin's Walkabout Max 
15.03.2007 - February 2009
Alaskan Malamute, Male

He passed away too early, unfortunately he got a shoulder injury that occurred suddenly. The injury made it almost impossible for him to walk without pain meds. So for his own sake and wellbeing we put him to sleep.

His personality was extraordinary, he was realy a loving, caring and charming dog.
Loved the outdoors, specially the wintertime when it were powder snow, he would stay outside and play for hours and hours.

Max and Lea had rescue training together, and the local newspaper wrote and article about them.
By: Laagendalsposten (norwegian)

This picture describes everything he was.


Enjoying the sun. 

   He is deeply missed

Løveliens Senor Geuozeppi "Buster"
October 1995 - November 2005

Leonberger, Male

Askeladden's Idunn "Luna"
March 1996 - October 2005
Akita Inu, Female

Mjærumhøgda'a Ichigo San "Birk"
06.08.1994 - October 1995 
Akita Inu, Male

Linekjørven's Aka Doshi "Atos"
03.07.1993 - May 1994
Akita Inu, Male