24 October 2011

Aprroved bronze mark in Weightpull.

This weekend we were up at Ringbu.
NAMK arranged the yearly special show and we also had the opportunity to try out bronze mark on Jack in weightpull. He completed :)

9 October 2011

The first snow.

The weekend was spent up at the cabin. Jack got some training draging chains and the ATV. We also trained on "start" and "stopp" commands for the weightpull training.

2 October 2011

Sunday walk to Knutetoppen.

The taste of moose.

A friend of the family stopped by with some of the props after this weekend moose hunt.

Everyone loved the smell and taste, besides Boyka. As soon as he saw the (BIG) leg he started running in the opposite direction., 
After a while he got the courage to at least smell and have a taste.

Grooming and bathing time.

Jack got a day of "total makeover"
Bathing, blow drying, cutting fur between paws, nail clipping and alot of grooming.
He didn't mind the bathing..but the fur and nail clipping wasn't that fun...

He is beginning to get ready for the upcoming show. :)