31 July 2011

24 July 2011

The Wild Bunch

We have given the pups name for the pedigree.

Della Rose, Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Billy the Kid and Jesse James.

Playing and relaxing in the living room

The last days we've let the pups walk outside of the puppie room.

Playing outside

Finaly a second day of nice weather so we could take the pups outside again :)

Already posing

20 July 2011

21 days..

The pups are now three weeks and growing strong.
They had their first meat meal today, and it went straight down. :)

More pics here.

Male 3

Male 1 and 3 playing

17 July 2011

First time outside

Yesterday the pups were outside with Lea for the first time.
They settled down quite fast, played a litle and fell a sleep.

The sun was shining so it was a good day to be outside for the first time.

10 July 2011

11 days

The pups are getting bigger every day.
The oldest one opend his eyes today :) and almost everyone has managed to stumbled themself up on their feet and have taken some few steps.

They have also had their first claw clip and they were perfect examples on how it's supposed to be done

Now we are just waiting for them to all open their eyes and start running around in the puppy box.

6 July 2011

One week

The pups are now one week old, the time just flies by..

They have all doubled their weight and are in good shape.


More pictures here.