19 November 2014

Birthday Girl

The "Diva" turns 7 years today. She's gotten more picky over the years.

Happy birthday to our girl, and the rest off the Iditarod litter.

4 August 2014

To early to wakeup..

Kane hates to wakeup early, and loves sleeping in the bed, Jack aswell.

29 June 2014

Happy birthday 3 years

The Wild Bunch litter is turning 3 years today. Time flyes by so fast.

Boyka & Kane

20 May 2014

31 March 2014

1 March 2014

Alaskan flat tire

Out mushing with the pack last weekend, and this happend..

Lea didn't wanna move an inch more..!

16 February 2014

Winter Wonderland

We are enjoy the snow, and relax up at the cabin.

Out walking with Kane & Boyka.

10 January 2014

Finally some snow!

Headed up to the cabin last weekend, and was suprised of all the snow that was there, since it has been raining everyday back home.

 We had to walk into the cabin.