19 November 2016

Birthday Girl

This girl grows up way to fast. Today Lea turns 9 years.


13 November 2016

Mushing with the boys

Kane feeiling cold and needed to cuddle some after the Friday night snorekjoring/skiing trip.

This weekend we got to try the sled for the first time this season, and some more snorekjoring/skiing on Sunday.

Videos from the weekend. This the boys had some fun 😊

5 November 2016

First snowfall

First snowfall this year, and the dogs are happy. Jack and Lea was up at the Cabin, and the boys were at home.

Video from earlier, end of October.
The ATV was finally repaired, so the pack was over excited!

30 March 2016

Out walking and a trip to the cabin

It's been alot of working on the house, so not that much happening for the pack..

Boyka and Kane needs to be where the action is 😊

I strongly neede vecation up at the cabin.