26 August 2011

The pups are with their new family.

The pups has now moved out, Kane and Boyka will be staying with us i Kongsberg.

We wish the new families the best of luck with their new ones, and enjoy the time :)

Snuggling on the couch..

The little girl left yesterday..

Lea didn't want to come down to say goodbye to here, so she had to come up again.
The cuddle for some time, and then it seemed okay that she could leave.

21 August 2011

The pups have a good sleeping heart...

The house next door is doing some construction work...

Trip to Kjennerud

We took the pups up to Kjennerud so they could take a bath if they wanted..
Only Lea went out in the water. The pups were pretty much all over the place exploring.

20 August 2011

Relaxing :)

Jesse James

Lea and the pups.

They would play with Lea out in the garden but as soon as they got up on the porch, they were more interested in the monkey..

Jack with the pups..

Mind games for young and old....

"Find My Way Home"

"Find My Way Home" it is a sledding story that was inspired by "Eight Below", "Snow Dogs", "Iron Will" and "Balto". There are clips from the movies "Eight Below" and "Snow Dogs". There are also clips from a program that appeard on ABC.

You Are Not Alone - Eight Below Clips

Out walking mum :)

17 August 2011

7 weeks

Today the pups are 7 weeks,
The last few days they have been to the local dog club and met a couple of new people, and some collar and leash training.

More pics here.

10 August 2011

We want out to play!!

6 weeks

After a week at the cabin we are back home and the pups are 6 weeks today.

There were alot of raining at the cabin, we got a visit from a couple of sheeps. 
The pups didn't like them very much. Otherwise, they have been a lot of outside playing around in the woods.
Jack is also more comfortable around the pups.

3 August 2011

Time flies..

The puppies are now 5 weeks old and starting to grow up and get out their personalities.

Lea has started to encourage the pups to play with her, and today she used her mother instincts ... eat up her food in a snap and ran out to the dog yard to the pups, and once they were up in her mouth she threw up.